Leonard Pardon’s signed faux painting art

Bella Fortuna Dining Room

Where does the marble slab in King’s bathroom end and faux painting begin?


P.E. Guerin

Supplying the highest-end hardware and accessories since 1857, here are but a few examples at Bella Fortuna.

Imported hand-painted Portuguese tiles in
Bella Fortuna

Purchased In Euros

Bathroom cement tiles at Bella Fortuna

These rock hard, durable tiles are made from a centuries old process. These tiles are made from marble and Portland cement and natural mineral pigments. The tiles are made in three layers which undergo intense pressure from a mechanical hydraulic press. Our tile are not fired. The pressed tiles are soaked and cure naturally like structural concrete. Each tile is hand made individually and is a work of art. There will always be slight subtle variations in each tile and that is a part of the charm.

Even though "mosaicos hidrálico" as they are known in many places and are still used extensively all over the world, in the United States they are relatively unknown. Even the recent comprehensive books on tile totally ignore this entire category.  The only decor books that seem to acknowledge encaustic cement tiles are pictorial books about Havana, Cuba, other Latin countries, and the architecture of Europe.

Air conditioning ceiling grills are part of the custom faux painted plaster ceiling design and are seamless.

Antique fireplaces surround in Bella Fortuna

From Clarendon Park Estate in Wiltshire, UK, circa 1740:

Exterior lanterns in Bella Fortuna from England

Purchased in British Pounds

Custom fabricated cloth wallpaper and matching window treatments in master bedroom and VIP bedroom.

Invisible shower drain

King’s bathroom shower marble slab floor

Invisible shower drain

Queen’s bathroom shower marble slab floor

Rare and exotic palms and plants

At Bella Fortuna 

Can you see the wallplate that has been faux painted
to match the wallpaper?

All screws in the door hinges are lined up.

Carved shell-stone sconce in main loggia